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Find Happiness with the Fairies

Discover the transformational and energy-clearing benefits of connecting with the fairies. Join Saratoga Ocean in this self-paced online course, and learn how you can work with fairy energy to create a daily environment that brings joy, harmony, and inspiration.


How To Restore Your Spirit, Release Overwhelm, and Find Happiness with Fairy Energy

Don’t you sometimes feel like you want to get away, or that you just need a break?

Maybe you want relief from feelings of overwhelm. You want to live in a state of harmony, and experience a simple peace that you don’t have to struggle for.

Or, maybe you’re looking for a way to rapidly cleanse your energy, get grounded, connect with what inspires you and feel more like yourself again.

As human beings, most of us live in a stressful world of technology, cities, complicated careers, and a 24-hour stream of crisis news. All of this pulls us out of resonance with our natural state of harmony, well-being, creativity, and positivity. Even if we ourselves love our work and try to avoid negative information, we are still affected by the collective experience.

Fairies are nature’s angels, who care for the plants and animals of our beautiful planet. Fairies have an awesome energy of joy that can assist you in transforming your experience of everyday life, and help free you from feeling stuck in so many ways.

Cultivating a relationship with the fairies, and their sparkling energy of happiness, refreshes your spirit and restores your soul. This is because the fairies’ role in nature is to provide a supportive, restorative, and life-giving energy to plants and animals. They are a magical part of our natural ecosystem.

That magical, refreshing, enlivening energy that you feel in a forest or by a mountain stream is fairy energy. Fairies are like sunshine and rain. They help clear and cleanse energy wherever they are. Fairy energy is like an elixir of happiness!

I created my premium online video course, “Find Happiness with the Fairies”, to teach you, step-by-step, everything you need to know to take your connection with this beautiful energy to the next level, so you can work with the fairies intentionally and experience the full joy and transformation this connection can bring.

When you enroll in Find Happiness with the Fairies today, you get immediate and permanent access to the full course online. The course comprises 5 main lessons containing 24 videos.

You’re going to learn all about the nature of the fairies and how they relate to human beings. You will understand the 4 fundamental ways that fairy energy benefits us, and how these help us transform our lives to be happier, less stressful, and more deeply rewarding.

And, most importantly, you will get a complete training on the exact steps to connect with the fairies and attract their energy to your space.

This is an incredibly enjoyable, engaging, and uplifting course. Best of all, you can return to it again and again any time you wish to reconnect with nature and the fairies.

In fact, I often hear from current owners how much they enjoy simply watching the videos. It brings them back into resonance with that fairy energy and provides an immediate dose of relief and happiness!

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Your complete guide to working with fairy energy

  • Learn about the nature, physical appearance, personalities, and motivations of the fairies (Lesson 1)
  • Discover why fairy energy is so good at relieving stress, raising your vibration, and lifting up your mood (Lesson 2)
  • Want to improve your intuition? Watch the 3rd video in Lesson 3 for a guide to developing your intuitive sense while you learn to connect with the fairies.
  • For artists, writers, and designers: how the fairies can help you restore and enhance your creative gifts and inspiration (Lesson 2)
  • How to reconnect with nature and become sensitive to fairy energy (Lesson 3)
  • How to see the fairies (Lesson 3)
  • What the fairies look for when they encounter human beings or are deciding to help us (Lesson 1)
  • For healers and energy workers: how the fairies can promote healing and help you to clear your energy of psychic debris (Lesson 2)
  • How you can recognize fairy energy in nature and around your home’s gardens and plants (Lesson 3)
  • For gardeners: what flowers you should plant in your garden to attract fairies (Lesson 4)
  • Inspiration, examples, and ideas for creating your own fairy villages — see Lesson 4
  • For arts and crafts enthusiasts: over a dozen other fun and creative ways to create an environment that attracts fairies indoors and out (Lesson 4)
  • What fairy rings are, and how to create one for the fairies to enjoy in your own environment (Lesson 4)
  • How to ask the fairies for help with improving your lifestyle, health, or career (Lesson 5)
  • How the fairies can help you to feel young again (Lesson 2)
  • Do you have a difficult relationship in your life? Fairy energy is great for relieving negative emotions and promoting kindness, harmony, and sensitivity, helping you to resolve struggles and find solutions that may have eluded you before (Lesson 2)
  • For parents and grandparents of young children: why involving kids in fairy activities is not only fun, but can benefit them and support their natural gifts (Lesson 5)
  • Have a vision or goal you wish to manifest? Want to tune into the Law of Attraction more effectively? Find out how the fairies can help you in Lesson 5.
  • For animal lovers: how you can ask the fairies to help you care for and bond more deeply with your pets or other animals in your life (Lesson 5)

...and much more!

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“I LOVE this course! It is truly transformational. This course enabled me to establish a conscious and joyous connection with the fairies, and as a result, I am experiencing a much deeper and more profound connection with nature. It also brought me into a deeper realization of my true self – the one I feel I left behind in childhood. The whole experience is very uplifting and inspirational, in a really fun way. The fairies always bring a smile to my face.

I implemented nearly all of the lessons, and as a result I have experienced help from the fairies in a number of areas of my life including health issues with my pets, caring for plants, finding lost objects, cash flow, help with inspiration when I am stuck, uplifting my mood and clearing my space so it feels fresh.”

Ann Keating
Integrative Nutritionist, Maryland

Created to support your growth and transformation

Fairy energy is powerfully transformational and transmutative. “Find Happiness with the Fairies” goes beyond being an informative guide to fairies and fairy energy. The course is designed as a process aiding you to develop your unique human gifts, raise your consciousness and vibration, and work with the fairies to create the happy and fulfilling life you most desire.

Filled with resources and notes

Each lesson is accompanied by a “Fairy Notes” PDF summarizing its teachings in a printable, easy-to-review form. Throughout the course I’ve also sprinkled other written guides, lists of fairy resources and suppliers of fairy items, and examples to inspire you to find new, fun ways of attracting fairy energy and working with it daily.

Carry fairy inspiration in your pocket, anywhere you go

“Find Happiness with the Fairies” is delivered 100% online in a beautiful private member’s site. Access the entire course from anywhere on Earth on any internet-connected device. Our software automatically keeps track of where you left off in the videos, so you can start watching on your phone in the park and finish later on your laptop at home.

BONUS: learn to create Fairy Sparkles

I’ve included an additional six-video tutorial showing you how to make Fairy Sparkles. I invented these beautiful, sparkling crystal creations that, when placed around your home or garden, are wonderful at attracting fairy energy. My daughter Allegra, an experienced beader and jewelry artist, walks you step-by-step through making these fun ornaments for yourself.

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You can own Find Happiness with the Fairies today for just $197. Click the button below to go to my secure checkout site. Immediately after you complete your order and set up your member account, you’ll be taken to your private online library where the complete course is waiting for you. You get immediate access to ALL videos & downloadable resources.

100% risk free guarantee

Experience Find Happiness with the Fairies for the first 30 days with zero risk. If you aren’t satisfied or change your mind for any reason within 30 days of your purchase, just email my support team at [email protected], and we will refund 100% of your money — no questions asked.

“The energy of this course feels like an oasis of peace. I have observed a deep happiness and sense of peace, which has spread from the course into my day-to-day life. I have asked the fairies to clear my energy field and have experienced a ‘breath of fresh air’ in my being.

I feel a quiet joy and a burst of enthusiasm with each video. I am delighted to know that I can return to any part of the videos again and again, as often as I choose, for further reminders and guidance. Also, I have enjoyed creating a fairy circle, in a houseplant pot. It makes me happy each time I look at it.”

Marianne La Rose
Educator, B.A., B.Ed., M.A.

“I have a changed perception, a shift, in how I see and experience everything now. I now realize that we are a part of nature together in the Universe. It is something I am reminded of, a truth I knew as a child. It is light, it is happy, and it is an expanding, upward spiral of inspiration — all of those sparkly things. I was so happy watching the videos, and I noticed that I felt clearer, and lighter — kind of like trouble-free!”

Barb Claire
Marketing Professional, New Jersey

“This course has a light, warm, and intimate feeling, like a conversation with friends. I felt engaged and enchanted, eager to see what I would discover next. Also, I feel more present in the moment, and even when worries or sadness creep up, I sense I’m firmly positioned on a bed of joy, and it’s much easier to just let go of negativity. I’m so grateful for this course. It really does feel like you’re helping me come back to who I really am and my true home in Nature.”

Dr. Lucille Necas

“Absolutely delightful, inspirational, tingling and radiating with joy! So much fun…I can’t stop smiling!

I just feel so much peace and joy, like I’m in the most beautiful garden filled with magnificent beauty, and I am surrounded and blessed with gorgeous, happy plants, and beings who are vibrant and at peace – alive with life force. A tremendous gift!”

Trish Cassidy
Realtor, Ontario

Course Contents

Get access to the entire course instantly when you enroll:


Lesson 1: All About Fairies

– 4 Videos –

Lesson 2: How Fairy Energy Benefits Us

– 4 Videos –

Lesson 3: Learn to Connect with the Fairies

– 4 Videos –

Lesson 4: How to Attract Fairies

– 6 Videos –

Lesson 5: More Awesome Benefits with the Fairies!

– 5 Videos –

BONUS: How to Make Your Own Fairy Sparkles

– 6 Videos –

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