Shift old patterns, accelerate your ascension process, and start living a life of true love and freedom…

This easy-to-follow workshop reveals the truth about why humans experience suffering — so you can evolve with greater peace, clarity, and confidence to recognize the true power of who you really are!

Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you try to come to grips with the state of the world —

… You often end up feeling stuck, lost, and confused, with a feeling of emptiness hanging over you?

Being surrounded by constant upheaval, violence and suffering is exhausting and draining for all human beings, but even more so if you are navigating a spiritual awakening.

And you’re not alone in wondering…

  • why do all these awful world events keep happening every day? (Violence, upheaval, sadness, and more…)
  • Is there a “reason” humanity keeps suffering? (There has to be a lesson or purpose to it, right?)
  • how can you help change the world, when you’re struggling to change your own life? (Isn't it hard enough trying to manage your own challenges and insecurities?)
Black-haired woman with contemplative expression wondering about the nature of life and human suffering. She wears large glasses and a white t-shirt, and is looking to her right, with her right hand on her chin.

Here’s the thing: we are asking the WRONG questions.

Instead of asking “Why is this happening to us?”

… We SHOULD be asking:

“Why is it possible for pain, suffering, and fear to exist in the first place?”

I’m Saratoga Ocean — and as a channel and spiritual teacher for decades, I can tell you that the state of our planet is NOT how it was originally designed.

Moreover, the fact that the suffering we see existing today is actually evidence that there is an underlying problem that needs to be confronted.

→ The real source of all our fear.

For millennia, we have been conditioned to believe that fear is necessary for our experience, and it has been accepted as a natural part of being “human”.

That includes anger, greed, anxiety — you name it, they share similar roots.

Drawing of a woman whose head is closely surrounded by a swarm of frustrating, anxious thoughts and worries, depicted as black lines, arrows, and white blobs . She is covering her ears with both hands to try to keep them out, and whispering

But let me ask you: has anything truly positive ever come out of pain and violence?

Sure, we can confidently claim that “going through this challenge will make me stronger and I’ll learn something from it!”

… But would you ever deliberately put those same challenges in front of a child, and say the same thing?

No. Because that would be consciously putting another human through unnecessary suffering.

You see, our collective pain isn’t evidence of what it means to be human.

→ It’s evidence that something is off and needs to be shifted back into alignment.

If you’re finding yourself nodding along, I’m guessing that you have been seeking these answers for a long time — and you’re tired of being overwhelmed by all the conflicting information out there.

You may have always felt like there’s a gripping, invisible feeling that’s just holding you back…

(If you just knew what it was and found a process to eliminate it, wouldn’t it be wonderful?)

Plus: going through your own unique journey of ascension makes you painfully aware that besides the troubling world events taking up space in your mind, there are also still things standing in your own way of feeling empowered, confident, clear, and certain about what’s going on.

Now: would you believe me if I told you that…

  • The human experience was never meant to be about “learning” from pain and fear — in fact… It was originally designed to be connected to Omnipresent Love (the creator of all that is) 100% of our time on Earth!
  • Ascension and spiritual evolution aren’t just personal… It’s about healing and restoring the universe!
  • The thing standing in your way isn’t something you can “fix”… It’s an energetic challenge, and simply needs to be understood and eliminated as a part of your human evolution!

 Well then — if you’re open to hearing the truth and you want to finally:

  • Receive the real answer to why fear exists in the world
  • Reconnect with your heart and greater source energy
  • Return to a natural state of love and peace without struggle and pain

And eliminate the actual source of fear within yourself…

… Then I’d love to introduce you to my new three-part workshop, Ascension Power®: Trust The Light Within — which is filled with everything you need to know to understand why fear exists, what’s really holding you back from living an amazing life and how this knowledge can accelerate your ascension in the process!

An answer to my prayers.

This workshop was an answer to my prayers. It resolved for me the answer to my fervent question: If God is Love, then why all the suffering on earth? It answered, in a very deep way, the reason for all the suffering on this planet.

Doug Canning

Introducing: Ascension Power ® Trust The Light Within

This three-part evolutionary workshop addresses the root cause of all our human sufferings that we have endured on this planet for millennia…

… And guides you through The Final Elimination Of The Source Of Fear®, a transformational process that was created by Archangel Michael and Telstar as a major process of evolution for this planet and for humanity!

Telstar™ is an inter-universal, inter-dimensional force of nature and evolution that is comprised of 6 beings whom I channel individually — one of those beings is Archangel Michael.

If you are looking for a way to accelerate your evolution and experience the full power of who you really are, this experience will yield all the answers and support you need to get unstuck and move forward with clarity.

The information and process inside this workshop was originally channeled directly from Archangel Michael and Telstar — and is now delivered by me.

It has helped thousands of people get the answers they need to experience true freedom and support their spiritual journey in the process...

… And now it’s your turn.

African woman with a big, radiant smile that exudes joy, confidence, and a high vibration

This is for every truth seeker, lightworker, empath, manifestor, awakening human and starseed who is tired of feeling insecure, frustrated, and reactionary to the state of the world — and is ready to understand the root of all our problems so that you can evolve confidently and impact those around you, too.

I felt like I had a fresh start in life!

After this workshop — everything felt new like I had a fresh start in life! I felt more present, more able, and lighter. It helped broaden my perspective, to want and seek the truth, to embrace the truth, and to stand in the light.

Barbara Claire

This experience will set you free and allow your energy to radiate with greater love and intention again.

Buy Ascension Power & experience The Final Elimination Of The Source Of Fear® transformational process today!

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Ascension Power is for anyone who finds themselves struggling with…

Repeating patterns of anxiety, self-doubt, and procrastination.

If you feel like you constantly get in your own way when it comes to making new choices and changes — and you just can’t figure out the reason you hold yourself back — this workshop will tell you exactly why it’s happening and give you the clarity you need to move forward without that gut-wrenching feeling.

Feeling deeply affected by your environment.

Does reading the news, absorbing a coworker’s energy, or hearing negative comments from others trigger an instant knee-jerk reaction from you? It’s not your fault! The information you’ll receive in this workshop will help give you a neutral perspective of the state of the world (and your surroundings) so that you can start operating from a space of calm and thoughtfulness instead.

Understanding why you are here on earth.

If you have ever struggled with knowing why you are here, what your role is, and tend to depend on the opinions of others (who are very good at telling you what you should do), this workshop will help you drop your need for approval and trigger the shift you need to find answers for yourself.

Wondering if you can really shift these thoughts and patterns for good… And how long it will take?

After you watch the videos and experience The Final Elimination Of The Source Of Fear® transformational process inside Ascension Power

Turning these challenges into change can happen instantly.

Here’s actual proof of what’s possible:

Greater peace of mind

Michael Purdue shares:

I went from dealing with a lot of fear and anxiety to feeling way more relaxed, and excited about living a life with more joy and happiness!

Finally connect with your Higher Self

Rosemary shares:

I have been able to connect with my Higher Self as a REAL entity. Not some made-up construct in my head, but a real live contact with my Higher Self. I receive phenomenal wisdom from her each day. I’ve been looking for this all of my life and the fact that my relationship strengthens with each passing day is mind blowing.

Confidence to take on new challenges

Grace So shares:

I was able to step away from being a unit in the family and be my own person, confidently pursue my dreams and goals in life, and find my life’s purpose, one that is unique to me, and to why I came here!

Clarity on your purpose

Dr. Lucille Necas shares:

I am definitely more grounded, which I’m especially grateful for at this time of great upheaval in the world. I am able to observe the events of this world from a more objective perspective rather than get caught up in emotional turmoil and I am far more focused on my Life Purpose and service to others! I am more connected to my heart and able to express love.

Praise for Ascension Power from recent participants

  • I started the course, and it is absolutely incredible! Thank you so much for all the work you put into it!G.S.
  • I have begun the course and it is so wonderful… truly an exquisite gift… I was so moved by the introductory video and have been struck by the power and beauty of your presentationPaddy
  • Thank you so much for an awesome workshop, filled with so much wisdom, light and high energy.T.M.
  • OMG - It is absolutely brilliant what you have created, Saratoga!D.C
  • The intro video made me cry, it was so beautifulTony
  • The introduction gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes. Superb!! Fantastic!! Magnificent 💖🌍✨Judi
  • The course is absolutely amazing!!Barb
  • I felt SO inspired and so connected to my heart. Thank you so much for this beautiful gift! ❤️Avalon
  • I would have paid even double price for such a course… by far, was the best course I ever had, both in terms of content and structure.G.

Curious to know how this transformation unfolds?

Peaceful, conscious woman with hands folded in meditation or prayer, facing to the left, outdoors at sunrise with the sun shining through her hands.

Here’s exactly what happens inside the Ascension Power® three-part evolutionary workshop…

Part 1:

Prepare for The Final Elimination Of The Source Of Fear®

Before you undergo the powerful transformation that will unfold inside this workshop, it’s important to understand why humans currently experience fear, anxiety, pain, and suffering.

You’ll learn about…

  • The evolutionary context of the human experience
  • What ascension really is and how the Ascension Power process will play a powerful role in your larger spiritual journey
  • How The Final Elimination Of The Source Of Fear® process really works, what to expect, and what you need to prepare for this transformative experience!

Part 2:

Experience the Ascension Process — The Final Elimination Of The Source Of Fear®

We’ll take a journey through an extraterrestrial lens that will help you understand the true perspective of what’s going on with the planet, reveal when things went wrong and you’ll be guided through The Final Elimination Of The Source Of Fear® process!

You’ll experience:

  • An amazing, guided journey of consciousness that will enable you to literally awaken at a whole new level
  • A profound new level of awareness and understanding that will prepare you for The Final Elimination Of The Source Of Fear®
  • The Final Elimination Of The Source Of Fear® process to permanently eliminate the source of fear from within your divine heart!

Part 3:

Apply the Ascension Process — What To Do Next

This part will help explain what just happened after you experienced The Final Elimination Of The Source Of Fear®, shares more information about how this affects your ascension and supports you in taking the next steps in your spiritual evolution to manifest a life you love.

You’ll understand:

  • The meaning of The Final Elimination Of The Source Of Fear® and how it impacts your ascension
  • How to apply what you know now in your day-to-day life and beyond
  • The next steps you need to take to move forward in life to evolve and continue your ascension

And you’ll also be supported by:

  • Transcripts for all video lessons included in the workshop so that anyone can access the guidance shared!

Are you ready to receive the truth on what’s holding you back…

And understand why the world is in a state of upheaval?

Join Ascension Power today!

The Story of Ascension Power

If we haven’t had the pleasure of connecting before…

I’m Saratoga Ocean — spiritual author, speaker, channel, and transformational life coach.

Portrait photo of Saratoga Ocean. She has long dark hair and green eyes, and is wearing a pale blue shirt and matching necklace and earrings with a blue lapis stone. She stands in front of the seashore with waves behind her.

I’ve also functioned professionally as the exclusive channel for Telstar (a cosmic interdimensional force of nature and evolution that works in conjunction with Archangel Michael) for over 25 years!

During this time, I’ve led hundreds of workshops and seminars online and in person across the United States and Canada. I also coined the phrase “radical spirituality” to describe a profound shift in consciousness that can lead to outcomes for individuals and for the planet that was previously unimaginable.

As a “walk-in” to my current body that experienced a spiritual awakening, I am deeply aware of the natural state of love and harmony that was always intended for our lives on earth — with real, extraterrestrial memories of what life was like without fear.

Many years ago, Archangel Michael and Telstar created The Final Elimination Of The Source Of Fear® process that was channeled through me to live audiences to help us return to experiencing the power of who we really are.

Since then, this information has been shared with thousands of people (who always say they had never heard this information or experienced this process before!), and thanks to the digital age — it can be shared with you, too.

Watch the story of how Archangel Michael first revealed The Final Elimination of the Source of Fear to me...

Now, Ascension Power® was designed to not only share The Final Elimination Of The Source Of Fear with more people but to also expand it into a more powerful and supportive process so that you can integrate it into your life with great success.

Archangel Michael and Telstar knew that the original design for how we operate on Earth was to be connected to the true power of love, 100% of the time.

Fear is what it feels like when we are disconnected from that larger Oneness and creative power and Omnipresent Love, and that is why we continue to look outside ourselves for answers, get reactive and find it so difficult to trust ourselves.

But when you understand why fear actually exists (hint: we are actually just wired with faulty physics!), the absence of its source will help us move back to our heart level without struggle and pain…

.. And free us to move back into our natural state of alignment of what it is to be human: in a state of love that will help you get your power back.

A man wearing white walks peacefully through gentle waves at the seaside, illustrating energetic alignment and atonement with nature and the Universe

I decided to create a digital version sharing this process because now, more than ever, we need access to the information that will help us make sense of the world and set us free in the process.

That’s why I created Ascension Power — I wanted to equip people like you with information that has truly never been shared before…

… In a digestible, easy-to-understand way that will accelerate your awakening in the process.

Regardless of what you are currently doing to evolve, I know this workshop is going to help you become even more empowered because this information will truly illuminate the truth for you — so that you can live a life where you no longer have to feel controlled by fear because you will understand exactly what is causing it.

As a result, you will automatically deepen your connection to your heart, stop old patterns from repeating themselves, and evolve faster.

Woman with big smile and eyes closed feeling energized and free in an accelerated flow of spiritual evolution. She exudes a high vibration, elation, and being deeply connected to her heart.

There’s no right or wrong way to “do” this workshop — all you have to do is be willing to receive this information I’ll present that has *never* been shared by other sources in the past.

Will you join me on this journey?

Buy Ascension Power today to start accelerating your spiritual journey:

Here’s what my community is saying about our work together…

It’s been my life’s work, honor, and pleasure to share deep and profound truth in the spiritual world, and I love that I get to be a part of so many journeys — like yours!

“By far the best course I ever had”

Your wonderful course was by far the best course I ever had, both in terms of content and structure. I am still so grateful for your amazing energy and passion. You have this great (extraterrestrial) ability to formulate complex topics with passion, simplicity and clarity, combined with practical advice that finally works for me. Thank you for your fabulous teachings.

G. B.

My Guarantee To You

Being willing to look at our reality differently requires openness and consistent effort. For this reason, I ask that you commit with your whole heart to the journey ahead.

To keep the integrity of the workshop, I do not offer refunds and there are no exceptions.

I believe in this workshop 100% and know that if you are committed when joining this workshop, you will be satisfied with the value and reap the benefits of the positive impact on your lifestyle.

Got some lingering questions? Here are some answers to support you.

Is this a live workshop that I have to attend?

See Answer

No! As soon as you purchase Ascension Power, you’ll get access to pre-recorded videos that you can watch anytime, on your schedule. It is completely up to you to decide when and how you want to watch the workshop.

How many videos are in the course?

See Answer

The course includes 74 videos spread over 3 sections. I explain how to manage your watching of the videos in a way that works for you, so you can adjust it to your unique schedule.

It sounds like a lot to process and learn. I don’t know if I have the time to watch the videos or implement this.

See Answer

Trust me when I say: this will be the easiest workshop you’ve ever done! All you have to do is watch the videos and follow along. Your process should be effortless.

If you’ve always experienced arduous workshops that involve lots of note-taking and intensive instructions on how to apply them — this is not one of them.

To get the most out of this experience, you simply have to sit, relax and absorb it intentionally! The shift in your perception and your being will be a natural side effect, and you don’t need to worry about anything else.

Is this a channeled workshop?

See Answer

No. While The Final Elimination Of The Source Of Fear® process and the information inside this workshop was created by Archangel Michael and Telstar and channeled through me, this workshop has since been expanded and is now delivered by me.

If I do experience this transformational process, does that mean that I will never experience fear again?

See Answer

This process was created to eliminate the energetic source of fear from within you. After you experience this workshop, you may still have patterns of fear, but you will find it much easier to transmute those patterns once the source of fear is eliminated!

Can I share this workshop with people I know?

See Answer

While my goal is to help everyone I can in receiving divine guidance — once you purchase this workshop, it is solely for your personal use. Please do not distribute or share this workshop with others who have not purchased it.

Do I have to watch and implement all these videos to “finish” this workshop?

See Answer

Yes! I urge you to watch all of the videos if you want to experience The Final Elimination Of The Source Of Fear®. But here’s the best part: you just have to sit back and relax as they play! This is not a workshop that requires you to take notes or revisit the content again (unless you want to). It is incredibly easy to absorb and start implementing into your life, immediately after watching the videos.

Saratoga, will I have any personal access to you through this workshop?

See Answer

While I will be guiding you through this journey side by side in the workshop, purchasing this workshop does not include any 1:1 access to me. However, I love to stay connected with my community on my Facebook page, email and YouTube channel — so please do continue to stay in touch with me there and share your progress as you move through the workshop!

How tech-savvy do I need to be to watch this workshop?

See Answer

If you’ve got a computer, tablet, or smartphone, you’ll be able to access this workshop! All the videos will be available to you via our online course platform, Kajabi.

Do you have a refund policy?

See Answer

There is a zero-refunds policy because I believe in this workshop 100% — and I know that if you are open to seeing your reality in a new way when purchasing, you will be satisfied with the value.

I still have some questions about Ascension Power. How do I get in touch with your team?

See Answer

I’m happy to answer any additional questions you have! Please email [email protected] and my team will get back to you as soon as we can.

A blue glowing lotus symbol appears in space before a background of stars. Rays of high-energy light rise upward from the lotus, symbolizing ascension to a higher dimension.

Lift the veil to see what your life could be like… without fear.

After this experience, my life changed completely. A veil had been lifted and I could see more clearly what I wanted my life to look like i.e. love, happiness, and peace was a priority, and I felt so much love and support from Telstar and the Universe that I wasn’t afraid to follow my heart!

I feel blessed to have Telstar in my life and I can’t say thank you enough to Saratoga. I felt very supported in knowing exactly the steps I needed to take to make the changes I wanted in my life. Years later, with a few bumps along the way, my heart is full and my life is beautiful.


Get Ascension Power® today and receive this three-part evolutionary workshop that includes:

The Ascension Power course is displayed on various devices: a desktop computer showing the welcome dashboard, an iPad showing a list of lessons in modules 3 and 4 of part 1, a smartphone showing the Final Elimination of the Source of Fear audio meditation, and a laptop showing a video of Saratoga in progress, from a lesson entitled 'Lesson 1 - How did the Source of Fear Get Here?'

Come home to yourself… And the universe.

I felt like I came home to myself and the universe and like I am still alive because I experienced this process!

I had an extreme amount of trauma and somehow, this has made it easier to heal and process the unconscious parts as they come to the surface.

Mariah Picot

If you’re still wondering if Ascension Power is right for you, read on…

This workshop is not for you if…

  • You are determined to stay in your current state and are skeptical about shifting out of it
  • You believe that you need physical proof to see real results
  • You are motivated by scientific evidence and are unfamiliar with spiritual awakening
  • You would rather get your answers from outside authorities and do not trust metaphysical communication

But this workshop is perfect for anyone who…

  • Identifies as an empath, lightworker, or starseed and wants to accelerate their ascension process
  • Has recently started experiencing a spiritual awakening and is experiencing confusion navigating it
  • Is actively trying to manifest changes in their relationships, personal growth, career or self-actualization — and feels stuck right now
  • Was raised in a strict religion that may not have served you well (and you’re still seeking answers other than “this is just how life is supposed to be”)
  • Has sought out answers from other programs, channels, and techniques and feel like something is still holding them back from feeling free and aligned
  • Is tired and frustrated with spiritual excuses for pain and suffering (like being told it's necessary for our growth!) and feels like there has to be something more
  • Wants to stop second-guessing themselves and confidently trust their choices
  • Seeks a deeper connection with source energy to bring more trust and peace into their life
  • Experiences a deep need to shift from their current state into their true, expressive, and creative self
  • Struggles to feel centered, grounded, and confident during spiritual awakening
Woman in lotus pose in front of a galaxy

If you identify with any of the above, I believe that Ascension Power will help you on your journey to find the answers you seek right now!

Sunrise over water, framed by hands in shape of a heart

Before you make your decision about whether you want to embark on this experience — I have a final message I want to share.

I want you to know that no matter what path you choose for yourself — whether it’s taking this workshop or using any other means you need to get clarity —you always have my support to experience everything you are looking for in life.

This is not the only way to get the answers you need to move forward in your life with purpose, confidence, and clarity —

But I will say that it is an easier and proven path to get there. Thousands of people have experienced this workshop, and time and time again, they always share that the truth of what is holding them back (and why humanity is in upheaval) that Ascension Power reveals is information they have never heard before.

And The Final Elimination Of The Source Of Fear® process is also here for a greater purpose: so that you can be part of a collective impact!

Archangel Michael and Telstar created this process and channeled it through me, and as more and more of us get access to it, it has the potential to support everyone around us and the collective in a bigger way.

What has lifted my heart the most is when people walk away from this experience realizing that they are worthy of being free of the struggle and pain… And share dramatic changes that have allowed them to be able to move forward in their lives in ways that they previously couldn't!

It’s my hope that you find this sense of freedom too.

Know that you are always supported in love to accomplish your goals — but if you want more support and access to the right information, this workshop is here for you.

I hope that whichever path you choose, you remember that you have access to a spiritual support system ready and willing to help you accelerate your ascension journey and achieve everything your heart could possibly desire.

Sending many blessings for a wonderful life,


“My heart is wide open singing today”

Endless gratitude for all the beautiful work you put into Ascension Power. My heart is wide open singing today. Tears of joy! I did the final elimination yesterday.

Looking forward to the remainder of the course but I had to email you. 🤍🤍🤍 What a gift you are to all of us who have been longing to receive the information you have shared and the experience of love 💕 🌸

C. G.